All In 2017 Recap


Dec 17


Recapping CommunityHealth’s Annual All In Event

It’s hard to believe that it’s already one month to the day since All In Chicago 2017 took place at the Mid-America Club. It was a wonderful event featuring three passionate speakers determined to make Chicago a healthier city, listened to intently by an audience of 150+ attendees who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to truly make an impact upon health care in Chicago. It was an educating and empowering event, featuring messages and data worth sharing as we collectively work towards our goal of ensuring every Chicago resident has access to health care.

Dr. Derek Robinson, MD, MBA, FACEP, CHCQM, Vice President, Enterprise Quality & Accreditation, BlueCross and BlueShield of Illinois, started the proceedings with a passionate speech regarding ‘Health Care Disparities and Inequities within Chicago’- Situating the disparities and inequities within a historical and racial context, Dr. Robinson’s speech illuminated the room as to how various social determinants have a dramatic effect on life expectancy:


Dr. Derek Robinson: “The Chicago life expectancy map is one of the latest in a series developed to raise public awareness of how health is shaped by social and environmental factors- illustrating that for babies born there, opportunities to lead a long and healthy life can vary dramatically by ‘L’ stop.”

Mindi Knebel, Chief Executive Officer of Kaizen Health, followed Dr. Robinson’s excellent speech with a detailed look at ‘Transportation as it Relates to Health Access’- Combining macroeconomics with personal experience, Mindi Knebel clearly explained the direct correlation between increased transportation access, and better health outcomes:








Mindi Knebel: “Each year over 3.6 million people miss or delay their medical care due to a lack of transportation.”

Stephen Brown, Director of Preventative Emergency Medicine at University of Illinois Hospital and Health System, concluded the speeches with an informative discussion of ‘Housing as it Relates to Health Outcomes’- By framing homelessness as a serious health condition that can and should be addressed through a concerted coalition of hospitals and housing organizations, Stephen Brown altered the way the audience conceived homelessness:

Stephen Brown: “If every hospital in Chicago committed to paying for supportive housing for ten chronically homeless individuals, we could reduce [the homeless] population by a third.”

The brief excerpts above encapsulate the spirt of the 2017 All In event: identifying obstacles and opportunities in the pursuit of a healthier city for every Chicagoan.

You can find each of the speaker’s presentations in full and available to download from the All In website:—events.html . To be part of the All In discussion all year round, make sure you are following CommunityHealth on LinkedIn, @CommunityHealth, where we further the discussion of how we can collectively build a healthier Chicago with our monthly All In articles.