Englewood Health Center: A Reason to Celebrate


Mar 17


As you may be aware, we have tapered services at our Englewood clinic in the past year. Now, CommunityHealth has decided to suspend medical services at our Englewood location on July 1, 2017. The reason behind our decision is actually cause for celebration: we have seen a steady decline in the number of uninsured patients coming to our South Side satellite office since Illinois expanded Medicaid in 2014 under the ACA.

There are still many Chicago communities with great need and limited resources, and we will continue to evaluate targeted areas for our future satellite expansion efforts. Meanwhile, we remain committed to the continued growth of our Lederman Family Health Center in West Town, which serves over 10,000 patients in need of high-quality health care.

Of course, the future of the ACA is uncertain, and we recognize that any reduction in Medicaid eligibility could result in the need to resume services at our South Side site. We want to re-emphasize that our medical services in Englewood will only be suspended. Just as our pediatric practice suspended service when Illinois rolled out the All Kids Program, we stand ready to reengage should changes to the ACA or Medicaid result in additional need for services. We are renegotiating our Englewood lease with the expectation that our landlord, the City of Chicago, will allow us flexibility in our utilization of the space as we await congressional action.

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the volunteers and partners who invested in our mission and enabled us to serve the Englewood community since 2010. Some of our accomplishments in Englewood include:

  • Providing high-quality health care services to over 2,500 patients
  • Providing over 15,500 medical appointments
  • Providing over 1,000 dental appointments and expanding the capacity of our dental clinic with a major renovation
  • Providing a rich training opportunity for 46 internal medicine residents from The University of Chicago Medicine and Rush University Medical Center, which was chronicled in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education: “Resident Education in Free Clinics: An Internal Medicine Continuity Clinic Experience
  • Providing a yoga program in partnership with YogaCare, which was spotlighted on ABC7 Chicago for its positive outcomes in the community

Thanks to the support of our volunteers, donors, and partners, we are confident that much more will be possible during these challenging times ahead.