Answers to Patients’ Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to become a CommunityHealth patient?

CommunityHealth is committed to serving the uninsured and believes that everyone deserves access to high quality healthcare. As of January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides new insurance options for thousands of uninsured who may now be eligible for Medicaid or health care coverage through the state “marketplace.” To find out if you qualify, please visit CommunityHealth will no longer register new patients who qualify for this new insurance coverage.

You are eligible if you meet the following two requirements:

  • you do not have health insurance of any kind (Medicaid Part A only exception)
  • your income does not exceed 250% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines. Download the guidelines

Is there a fee for services offered at CommunityHealth?

No, there is no fee for services offered on-site at CommunityHealth, but we do accept donations.

How do I register to become a patient at CommunityHealth?

In order to register, you must come to the CommunityHealth clinic during our intake/registration hours.

Intake/Registration Hours

West Town – 2611 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622

Monday and Wednesday 9AM – 8PM
Tuesday 9 AM – 5 PM
Thursday 9AM – 2PM & 4PM – 8PM
Friday and Saturday 9 AM – 1 PM


Please bring the following information with you at the time of intake

  • Proof of address (NOTE: we do not accept PO Boxes as proof of address)
  • Proof of Income
    • Tax Returns from previous year
    • ONLY if you did not file taxes, you may bring:
      • Check stubs for the past 30 days
      • OR written statement from employer if you get paid cash
      • OR supporter’s income, if you are supported by someone else
      • OR Unemployment compensation
  • Picture ID
  • List of current medications
  • Copy of all past medical records (if you have seen a physician in the last three years)
  • Letter of termination from insurance company (if applicable)
  • Please note: At this time, CommunityHealth provides language assistance for English, Spanish, and Polish speaking patients. For all other languages, patients are required to bring their own interpreter each time they visit the clinic.

For more information about becoming a patient, contact:

  • West Town: Please call 773-969-5924


Do I need an appointment to see a doctor or nurse, or to come in for a lab?

Yes. CommunityHealth is an appointment-based clinic. In order for us to see you, please call and make an appointment.

How soon will I get an appointment with a doctor after I register?

When you register, a staff member will let you know how soon you will be able to see a doctor. Depending on the load of new patients, it could take up to 2-3 weeks for your first appointment. 

Can I get medications prescribed by a non-CommunityHealth doctor filled here at CommunityHealth?

No, we cannot fill prescriptions prescribed by anyone outside of CommunityHealth.

If I run out of medication, can I come in for a refill?

In order to receive a refill on your medication, you must be a registered patient and be seen by a medical professional. Please call and make an appointment.

Do you have evening and weekend appointments?

Yes, evening and Saturday appointments are available.

If I only need a TB test, can I get it done at CommunityHealth?

All of these tests/visits can be done at CommunityHealth, but only if you have previously registered. Services onsite are only available to active CommunityHealth patients. A provider will need to order all lab tests, so if you are a patient please call for an appointment.

If I only need a physical for my new job, can I get it done at CommunityHealth?

Yes. CommunityHealth providers can complete physicals for all active patients. If you are not an active patient, you will need to register to become a patient to be seen.

Do I need to have a Social Security number to become a patient?

No, you do not need a Social Security number to become a patient at CommunityHealth.

Can I access my medical records online?

Yes, you can access your medical records online by clicking HERE.

How can I get copies of my medical records?

In order for us to release your medical records, you must sign a release of authorization. Please stop by the front desk and fill one out or download here and mail or fax to our offices.

Attn: Medical Records
2611 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
Fax: 773.395.9902

Once we have received the release, we will will send it to you within 7-10 business days.

 FAQs – Español (PDF: 13KB)

FAQs – Polski (PDF: 85KB)