Are you “All In”?? These Great Articles Explain Why You Should Be


Sep 17


Over the course of 2017 CommunityHealth has published a series of All In™ articles on our LinkedIn page. These articles, while different in topic, all contribute to the holistic aim of our All In™ campaign, which is to generate discussions and solutions for providing accessible health care to all Chicago residents. The articles can be read in full on LinkedIn, or downloaded in PDF format here.

So far, the seven articles have engaged with numerous aspects of health care, with input from those holding varying roles within the medical ecosystem. See below for a brief outline on each article;

  • An Outsider’s PerspectiveA CommunityHealth intern, Ryan Stafford, details his thoughts on the American health care system, in contrast to his personal experiences with state-sponsored care in England.


  • Social Responsibility through Medicine with Horizon PharmaHolly Copeland, Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility for Horizon Pharma, shares why they are dedicated to providing patients in need, access to medication.


  • Raising Awareness for #ILFreeClinicsMonthOur Corporate Relations and Special Events Manager, Meghan Phillipp, explains why free and charitable clinics remain the “safety net under the safety net’, desperately needed even under the Affordable Care Act.


  • Investing in the Chicago Community, For a Healthier Tomorrow- CommunityHealth supporter Hayden Rhudy explains why she supports CommunityHealth in its work to continue serving the local community during politically turbulent times.


  • Healthy Chicago 2.0, Partnering to Improve Health Equity- Julie Morita, M.D, Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner, spoke to CommunityHealth about the challenges of providing access to health care for all Chicagoans, and how the CDPH is working to overcome them with the Healthy Chicago 2.0 initiative.


  • It Takes the Dedication and Support of Many Volunteers to Build a Healthier Chicago- Mary Pat Studdert, a long-serving former volunteer nurse and past Board Member at CommunityHealth, recalls her first impression of CommunityHealth- and why she wanted to be a part of it.


  • Improvising the Health of a Community Cannot Be Accomplished By a Single Institution-Mark Humowiecki of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, answered follow-up questions after his key note speech at the second annual All In™ event.

If you’d like to be “All In” with these great folks, join us on November 8th for an informative discussion on how can we work together to ensure every Chicago resident has access to the right care, at the right time, in the right place. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details shortly!

* Tickets for the All In™ breakfast go on sale October 5th.