Health and Wellness Classes and Support

At CommunityHealth, we have adopted a holistic approach to health care – understanding the need to go “beyond the exam room” in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible to our patients. We offer culturally and linguistically competent classes and resources (available in English, Spanish, and Polish) that help people live healthier lives. This is especially important for patients living with chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Learning about healthy eating and exercise can help control chronic diseases – and that can lead to a better quality of life.

Health and wellness programs are offered at both of our clinics. All classes are free. Most classes are open to members of the community, in addition to current patients, unless noted otherwise. For more information about any of the programs below or to register for a class, contact our Health Education Coordinator at 773.969.5919.

CommunityHealth patients in need of additional emotional or personal support may also benefit from our social services.

Please click on each of the tabs below for details about our health and wellness programs.


  • Diabetes education (Englewood and West Town)
  • Exercise and Zumba classes (West Town)
  • Yoga classes (Englewood and West Town)
  • Art therapy classes (West Town. Must be a CommunityHealth patient to participate. Spanish language only.)
  • Healthy cooking classes (Englewood and West Town)
  • Diabetes prevention classes (West Town)
  • Women’s wellness and weight loss (West Town. Spanish language only).


Counseling services are for CommunityHealth patients only. Patients may seek additional counseling and support through our social services department.

  • Quit-smoking counseling (Englewood and West Town)
  • Nutrition counseling (Englewood and West Town)
  • Women’s art therapy (West Town. Spanish language only.)
  • Diabetes management counseling (Englewood and West Town)
  • Medication Therapy Management for chronic conditions (Englewood and West Town)

Support groups

CommunityHealth patients may seek additional counseling and support through our social services department.

  • Women’s wellness and weight loss (West Town. Spanish language only.)

Download the current Health and Wellness Class calendar:

English: Calendar of wellness and exercise classes March through April 22 2017 at CommunityHealth

Spanish: Calendario Marzo hasta el 23 de Abril – clases de bienestar y ejercicio en CommunityHealth

Polish: Zajecia w przychodni CommunityHealth Marzec Kwiecien