Thank you for supporting the first ever #ILGiveCommunity Spring Giving Day!  Check back again for the next #ILGive Giving Day in the the future!

On May 30th, 2017 CommunityHealth raised over $1,000 in support of our Student-Run Clinics that play a vital role in serving our patients.  Everyday we create a lasting impact on the future of health care by offering these programs.  Thank you for for investing in the health care leaders of tomorrow.

#ILGiveCommunity is Illinois’ day of charitable giving, and CommunityHealth will be fundraising for our popular Student-Run Clinics! We are getting medical students out of the classroom and into the community to learn firsthand the complexities and challenges of working with the medically underserved.

Part of our mission as the nation’s largest free health clinic is to encourage future physicians to address health care disparities and foster a lifelong commitment to serving vulnerable communities. The Student-Run Clinics help integrate an awareness of public health and outreach into Chicago’s medical school training.

CommunityHealth facilitates this unique experiential, service-based learning with six Chicago area universities:


During their clinical hours, medical students form teams of four and are responsible for most aspects of patient care, including the physical exam and eliciting the medical history, following up on labs, scheduling for consults, etc. The attending physician guides and oversees all activities, finalizes all diagnoses, and determines all treatment plans.


Hosting Student-Run Clinics at CommunityHealth costs $120,000 per year. This covers all clinic expenses (e.g., clinic coordinators, staff, supplies, medications). We cannot properly train our young doctors of tomorrow without your help. Support our Student-Run Clinics Today!