A Life-Changing Partnership: CommunityHealth Partners with Dispensary of Hope to Provide Patients Life-Changing Medication


Oct 17


CommunityHealth celebrates our partnership with Dispensary of Hope and its benefit to our patients every day. The partnership enables us to dispense crucial medication to our patients by expanding our range of medicines, recovering medication that would otherwise have gone unused and dispensing it to those who need it most.

CommunityHealth’s MedAccess Pharmacy

The Dispensary of Hope is a non-profit distributor that creates pathways between donated medicine and those in need of medicine, but lacking access. Dispensary of Hope currently partners with over 140 sites across 28 states, facilitating the movement of tens of millions dollars’ worth of medication between manufacturers and clinics and pharmacies, such as CommunityHealth. The efforts to recover surplus medicine are transformative to the system: Dispensary of Hope estimates $10 billion is destroyed annually; a tragedy when considering how many people don’t have access to, or cannot afford, the medications they need.



Josh Kravitz, Chief Operations Officer at Dispensary of Hope states of the partnership– “Through their innovative programming, CommunityHealth filled nearly 39,000 prescriptions in the past year using Dispensary of Hope donated medication.  This is the most number of prescriptions of our 142 network members and represents over 5% of all Dispensary of Hope prescriptions filled throughout the United States.  This partnership is producing life changing results in our joint efforts to improve health outcomes among uninsured populations in the Chicago area.” 



Our Co-Directors of Pharmacy Operations both expressed their appreciation for the many benefits of our partnership with Dispensary of Hope: Lauren Murdock said, “With such an extensive Dispensary of Hope formulary, we have been able to add many new medications to our formulary.” Fatima Khaja added, “The savings achieved by partnering with Dispensary of Hope allowed us to reallocate funds to other services and needs e.g. insulin and blood glucose strips.” Evidently the benefits of this partnership are far-reaching. We are proud to work with Dispensary of Hope providing medications to our low-income, uninsured patients.

To learn more about the Dispensary of Hope watch the short video below.

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