Patient Satisfaction Survey Blog


Jul 17


                                               CommunityHealth patients in our waiting area

CommunityHealth strongly believes in its mission of serving those without essential health care, setting ambitious targets for continued growth and success. Ultimately, the only way we can be sure that we are succeeding is by asking the people we serve, our patients. Our annual Patient Satisfaction Survey thus provides us with invaluable feedback. Utilizing this feedback, we can continue to improve service delivery, address any areas of concern, and inform operational decision-making.

CommunityHealth knows that our duty of care starts the moment a patient enters our facility, which is why they are greeted by a spacious, clean, and linguistically diverse reception area; 96% of patients positively rated the comfort of our waiting room. After engaging with our friendly patient service specialists, the patient will be directed towards the staff or volunteers with the relevant expertise to serve them. When the patient is being seen, great care is taken to ensure they understand not only the course of action being taken, but also why that’s the best course. As a result, 97% of patients felt they understood their health condition, and 98% felt they understood their treatment plan.

At Community Health we endeavor not just to focus on one particular aspect of the patient, rather their collective health: physical, mental, and social. This approach is clearly paying dividends as 87% of patients reported improvement in their physical health, 87% of patients reported improvement in their mental health, and 65% of patients felt much more engaged in the community. Once a patient’s primary care provider has taken the time to listen and understand our patient’s holistic health needs, we will point them toward other departments that may be needed: specialty services, lab, pharmacy, mental health/social services, health classes, and more. Throughout the duration of our patients’ time at CommunityHealth we aim to treat all our patients with the warmth, dignity, and respect everyone deserves. As a result, 98% of patients feel they are treated well by staff. Not only do we treat our patients respectfully, we give them high-quality healthcare that they would be proud to recommend; 95% of patients would recommend CommunityHealth to family and friends. Ultimately, we aim to improve the quality of life of every single patient.

Understandably, we are immensely proud of the results of the 2016 Patient Satisfaction Survey, and want to thank everyone who made the results possible: our volunteers, donors, staff, partners, and most of all, our patients. The results truly indicate that we are fulfilling our mission in providing access to those without essential health care, in order to deliver a healthier community.

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