ReSpectacle Partnership for Free Eyeglasses


Jun 17


At CommunityHealth, providing eye care is an essential part of our integrated patient care model. In the past year, we have been a registered provider with ReSpectacle, a nonprofit that redistributes used eyeglasses to underserved communities worldwide. When one of our patients needs glasses, we can assist them by searching ReSpectacle’s online database and connecting them to a pair of free glasses that matches their prescription.

In the next month, CommunityHealth will become an official ReSpectacle donation site, and within the next year, we will be set up as an official processing center as well. This new partnership will be co-directed by two of our volunteer providers, Dr. Anusha Vasamsetti and Dr. David Tabak. By serving as the home base for ReSpectacle’s Chicago chapter, we can give our patients speedier access to free eyeglasses and support a valuable service for underserved populations.

Statistics show an alarming thirty-five percent of Latinos in the United States have uncorrected refractive error in at least one eye. Eyeglasses can dramatically improve quality of life, independence, and work productivity, and decrease overall mortality and symptoms of depression. By removing barriers to access, we are giving our patients the tools to live healthier lives.

To learn more, visit ReSpectacle’s website.