Why Volunteer at CommunityHealth

In 1993, Dr. Serafino Garella founded CommunityHealth with a small team of dedicated volunteers, and today we remain committed to this model of care. Volunteers are essential to fulfilling the CommunityHealth mission, and it is because of our volunteers that we are able to provide the quality and depth of care delivered at our health center.

Our 1,000+ volunteers fill a variety of essential roles, from physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists to laboratory assistants, translators, triage and administrative support. They donate their time and talents at our health center in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.

Because of the generosity of our volunteers, CommunityHealth is able to provide high-quality primary and specialty services, dental services, diagnostic procedures,  mental health services, and health education.

No matter what your professional background, donating your time can help make a difference in the lives of those facing complex medical needs and barriers to quality health care.

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to find out ways you can get involved in the mission of CommunityHealth.

If you are already a CommunityHealth volunteer and need more information about scheduling, training, and more, visit our Current Volunteers page.